Women’s Vision Grant due in 2 weeks!!

Only two weeks left to submit your grant proposal for the 2014 Women’s Vision Grant! If you haven’t already, visit our Grants to download an application and learn more.

Want feedback on your project?

Feedback is critical for any creative effort. It’s the way we, as filmmakers and artists, get a glimpse of how our creation is connecting with others. Is the important message being conveyed? Is the project hitting the marks set for artistic expression, social impact or just plain great entertainment? How can the project be improved? And, more importantly, how can the project make us grow as artists and communicators?

Submit your application to the WIFPDX Women’s Vision Grant and receive feedback on your project from our distinguished jurors. Each project will receive comments and advice from three industry professionals. Applications accepted through August 31, 2014.

One response to “Women’s Vision Grant due in 2 weeks!!”

  1. Dawn Jones Avatar
    Dawn Jones

    I didn’t realize that everyone gets feedback no matter what. That is really generous.
    Getting my application in soon! Thanks.

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