Can You Provide a Homestay for a Summer Documentary Student?

Earlier this year, the WIF board conducted a survey to see what our members really wanted from the WIF membership. One activity that came up often was “Connection with other local organizations.”

Well, this summer WIF members have and opportunity to do just that! Every summer, local nonprofit Media Institute for Social Change holds a summer Documentary program for college students. This year 7 students were chosen to attend and all are women! Yay!!! Four of these women will need homestays while they participate in the program, which runs from June 27th thru August 16th. To find out more about the Summer Documentary Program, visit http://mediamakingchange.org/summer-documentary-program/

The four students have very diverse backgrounds. Catherine is attending St. Olaf College and taught English in Romania and Croatia. Laci is an English and Film major at Vassar. Parker is a Sociology major with filmmaking experience at the University of Richmond. And, last but not least, Sarah also is a double major, Math and Theater, at Bates College.

CAN YOU HELP???? If so, please contact either Jane Turville at jane@waggingtale.com or Phil Busse at phil@mediamakingchange.org.

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