Ivana Horvat

I am an independent filmmaker with a background in documentary film currently working as a digital media producer at MetroEast community media. I have directed, produced and edited a feature length documentary called Finding Bosnia that has been screened at film festivals domestically and internationally. Currently, I’m working on (shorter!) personal projects and with the MetroEast production team where I am involved in community outreach, education, and event organization as well as shooting, editing and color correcting videos for local non-profits, schools and artists. I have always been drawn to film because of the power it has to shift cultural perspectives to create positive change.

I was born in Sarajevo in the former Yugoslavia, went to kindergarten in Germany and had a short stint in Malaysia before moving to Portland, OR in 1994. I am drawn to art and films exploring themes of dual identities because it is something I wrangle with daily. On my off time I sometimes VJ and do projection art at live shows. I adore dogs and work as an unofficial dog adoption agent for friends and family, I play tennis with my father who could pass for Borat if he had swagger, and I mentor a young Nepali refugee (now citizen) boy named Rewath who now lives on the east coast.