Call for New Board Members!

Consider joining the WIF-PDX Board, a community-based volunteer group who work together to provide support and organize events and programs for the WIF community.

Applications close April 15th

Apply here: https://forms.gle/jWMUHiaSUKVbwjxy7

Women in Film – Portland (WIF-PDX) is a membership organization that is managed solely by a strong working board – a group of media professionals who have participated in WIF-PDX and who care deeply about its ability to thrive and continue to equitably and sustainably support women and nonbinary creators in all positions of the media industry throughout Oregon. Below is some basic information about the WIF board of directors:

  • Board members serve 3-year terms, which will begin May 2024.
  • Board meetings are held every month, and attendance is mandatory. Expect to contribute 2-5 hours/week, depending on the program. We really need your participation to be a priority.  There is also one, full day required organizational retreat per year, to be scheduled.
  • Board member positions are voluntary and unpaid.
  • To run for the board you must be a member of WIF-PDX, and your membership dues must be up to date.
  • All genders are welcome.

We are a working board and all board members are expected to participate in managing programs and fundraising events and to keep WIF-PDX operating with efficiency and integrity.  Every board member is expected to take the lead on at least one organizational activity or task during a calendar year.

Our board is comprised of working professionals from a variety of backgrounds including animation/visual fx, education, broadcast, television, documentary, editing, music and more. We welcome all backgrounds to apply, and are especially looking for folks with the following skills/backgrounds:

  • Fiscal sponsorship management
  • Producers & Production Managers
  • Cinematographers
  • Animators/VFX
  • Film/Trade union member
  • Grant writing
  • Content distribution
  • Educators

This is a great opportunity for all members. If you care about WIF-PDX, you’d probably make a great board member!

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Women in Film – Portland Board of Directors