Jessica Mostad Szerwo

I currently work at Collective Eye Films as the Acquisitions Coordinator where I seek out and curate new documentaries for our educational collections. My interest in film began when I composed a soundtrack for a student film in college. I was soon enamored with the craft, changed my major and never looked back. In 2011, I graduated from the University of Montana with a bachelors in Media Arts – Digital Filmmaking and Environmental Studies in 2011. I have since worked for NBC as a studio camera operator/technical director, taught animation, filmmaking & robotics classes to school-age kids, edited eldercare videos and built courses for an online learning company, and been involved with several feature and short films as a sound technician, editor, and director of photography.

This past year, I also competed in the Audience Awards’ Real Montana Scenery Competition and won second place for my short film, Montana Dreaming. Besides this, I am just now starting to realize my creative potential and am hoping to expand my side career as an in-home piano teacher to include general media/entertainment education for young kids within the year. Someday I hope to make a documentary of my own, compose more music for use in films, learn everything I can about film and photography, and connect more with the people who do these things everyday.